Check Your Eligibility  (Complete the form and click the button below to check your eligibility):  
   In order to receive child care services you must be:  
              Working - An average of at least 32 hours per week  OR  
              Attending High School or a HS Equivalency program OR  
              Attending College/Vocational Education full time (NOT Grad school)  OR  

              Attending College/Vocational Education part time and Working part time for a total of at least 32 hours per week  OR  
              Seeking Employment  OR  
              Receiving FIP or PROMISE JOBS assistance 

Child Care Eligibility Calculator
1a. Are you currently receiving FIP?  
1b. Do any children in your home currently receive FIP?  
2. Are you the parent or step-parent?  
3. How many adult family members are at home?
4. How many family members under age 18 are at home?
5. Types of Income?  
Gross monthly wages earned (before taxes):
Self-Employed or Odd Jobs:
Unemployment or Worker's Compensation:
Social Security or SSI:
Veterans Benefits, Pensions, or Retirement:
Child Support or Alimony:
Money from Friends or Relatives:
Other: (Including irregular or one time payments):
Total Monthly Income: